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Turning IoT devices into supercomputers? Sisense has a Hunch for more effective BI

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Sisense, a business analytics software firm, has launched its patent-pending Sisense Hunch Data Cognition Engine which aims to turn sensors, phones, and wearable devices into supercomputers.

Sisense Hunch represents a new class of big data analytics, data cognition engines that learns vast amount of datasets and is able to produce microsecond analytical responses to queries that are 99% precise, with a small fraction of the cost and storage footprint.

Amir Orad, chief executive officer of Sisense, said: “Sisense Hunch achieves the impossible, taking large datasets that require massive amounts of computing power and storage, and making them digestible with an edge IoT device. Once a Sisense Hunch neural network learns data, it doesn't need any ongoing access to the complete underlying data set, allowing it to achieve lightning-fast, analytical query responses, with minimal costs, while maintaining complete data privacy. That's what makes it possible to move 'supercomputing' to the 'edge,' turning IoT devices from data collectors into smart data analysers.”

At present, the solution is being tested with multiple of the company’s clients.

This is by no means the only innovation taking place in the IoT space right now. UK-based Crypto Quantique has launched what is being claimed as the world’s most advanced security product for IoT devices – with a quantum edge. The technology behind this solution includes world's first quantum driven secure chip (QDSC) on silicon which, when combined with cryptographic APIs, provides highly scalable, easy-to-implement and seamless end-to-end security for any connected device. The solution supports all kinds of security devices on the market today.

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